Positive Sealing for Small Diameters
Power Stop is a popular and proven expanding stopper in sizes 2”, 21⁄2”, 3”, 31⁄2”, 4”, 5” and 6”. It is used by many gas utilities and water companies. Working pressure 16 bar, tested to 24 bar.

The positive seal provides two distinct advantages:

  • The rubber seals expand 20mm in range and takes up ovality or build up within the pipeline.
  • The mechanical special seal allows new sections of pipe to be pressure tested between the stops

1. Insert left shows the temporary all flanged valve that will go in position and bolt to the welded or mechanical tee.

4. Inset right shows the pipe end cut

pipe end

linestop head

2. Inset left shows the linestop head and small tapping machine that is used to complete the cuts 3", 3 1⁄2", 4", 5", 6"

5. Inset right shows the completion plug set and the vavle linestop unit removed from the pipeline

completion plug

completed unit

3. Inset left shows the completed unit installed and the linestop head set in position.

6. Inset right shows the completion cap in place, this can either be screwed or welded.

completion cap