Hot Tapping

We offer what is regarded by engineers, as one of the most efficient and cost effective means of pipeline isolation for maintenance programmes – hot tapping services.

Power Technology Services hot tapping field service works to a high degree of proficiency, and provide services on a 24 hour basis, nationwide.

Hot tapping procedures pictured on the right is a 48″ underpressure connection onto a 48″ spiral wound steel pipe. The fitting was 48x48x48 full encirclement, fully welded, the tapping machine used was the 96100 and the pipeline pressure was at 35bar. Size ranges from 1/2″ to 96″ diameter.


  • Service to consumers process industries and sensitive services is maintained.
  • Contamination / loss of fluid does not occur.
  • Toxic or harmful product is not released.
  • Fire protections are not affected.
  • No time wasted draining the systems.
  • Personnel are used efficiently on effecting repair.
  • Eliminates need for bulk transfer and storage of harmful fluids.

By utilising Powers hot tapping operations work can be performed allowing alteration, relocation, extension, addition, repair, replacement, maintenance, or abandonment of pipework without shutdown or interruption of service to critical processes or consumers.

hot tapping image

Hot Tapping Around Congested Pipework

Save-a-Valve fitting
As more service pipes are laid in the ground, the problem of making hot taps becomes increasingly difficult when the hot tap machine cannot fit around the maze of utility services.

The Save-a-Valve has been designed to be used in areas where congestion of pipework does not allow a conventional hot tap to be completed.

Making a hot tap or branch connection in the desired trajectory without the need for shut down is possible with this fitting.

Incorporated in the vertical neck of the Save-a-Valve is an integral branch which can be manufactured to any height or angle to bypass an obstruction. The vertical neck can be plugged using a temporary valve, allowing the hot tap to be made in any area without disruption to supply or re-routing of existing pipework.

Once the hot tap is completed, the vertical neck is plugged and the temporary valve removed. The new supply is connected to the control valve on the integral branch and the project is complete.

Alternatively, the new pipework can be connected to the integral branch flange, thus eliminating the need for any valve in this hot tapping operation.

Manufactured from high grade stainless steel to a working pressure of 150 psi, tested to 220.5 psi, this valve will prove a versatile and money saving addition to any inventory.