Tank Tapping

Power Technology Services offer a Tank/Sump/Reservoir tapping service, we can drill through all major tank walls with reinforcing bars in place and under pressure. Wall thickness from 200mm through 1100mm in any size.

Two 800mm connections to be completed, the first phase being the predrilling of the concrete wall, installing the fitting back plate, testing the studs using a hydraulic pulling machine and then installing the testing blank, the pressure test is the completed to client specification.

tank tapping 1

Two 800mm valves installed, the valves and fittings were then tested again before drilling commenced.

tank tapping 2

96100 tapping machine mounted onto the 800mm valves to cut and remove the 1100mm thick coupons. The build and design of this project was challenging as the tanks had a void of 1200mm, the front wall was 350mm thick and the rear wall was 750mm thick, an additional challenge was the distance the machine had to travel, including the valve, fitting and coupons, plus the void, the distance was 2300mm (90.5") Power have designed the 96100 tapping machine to complete projects such as this.

tank tapping 3

The tapping machine removed and the concrete coupon.

tank tapping 4