Cold Cutting

Cold Pipe Cutting is one of the safest systems available, it is accurate, flexible, versatile and produces little waste. Involving little or no downtime it offers major cost reductions. Power have equipment which consists of travel L cutters, split frames and guillotine saws in sizes from 4" through to 60" diameter.

48" five position linestop operation, the machine in use is a travel L cutter which is cutting and bevelling for welding preparation.

Two travel L cutters in use in tandem on a 42" steel water main (slitting cutters in use) this operation was to fit a 42” flowmeter.

Two travel L cutters in use in tandem on a 48" cast water main, this project was particularly difficult due to the confined space within a valve chamber, the pipeline was 52mm thick and the pipe had to be cut within 2 hours, the travel L cutter completed the cuts within the specified time and in only one pass.