Pipe Freezing

We offer what is regarded by engineers, as one of the most efficient and cost effective means of pipeline isolation for maintenance programmes. Power Technology work to a high degree of proficiency, and provide services on a 24 hour basis, nationwide.

Professional Approach
Fast, reliable, ‘highly cost – effective’– these are the widely acknowledged benefits of pipefreezing.

Power Technology offer:

  • Contract and pipefreezing skills
  • Approved equipment and instrumentation
  • Full contract report
  • Pipefreezing studies/on site evaluation
  • Proven record of contract success
  • Specialist pipefreezing constancy

Why use Pipefreezing?

  • Service to consumers process industries and sensitive services is maintained.
  • Contamination / loss of fluid does not occur.
  • Toxic or harmful product is not released.
  • Fire protection – sprinkler systems, hydrants, etc are not affected.
  • No time wasted draining the systems.
  • Personnel are used efficiently on effecting repair.
  • Eliminates need for bulk transfer and storage of harmful fluids.

By utilising Powers techniques work can be performed allowing alteration, relocation, extension, addition, repair, replacement, maintenance, or abandonment of pipework without shutdown or interruption of service to critical processes or consumers.

pipe freezing 1

pipe freezing 2

pipe freezing 3